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My Journey with doTERRA

My journey with doTERRA started in Bali during the Bali Spirit Festival where I came across a doTERRA stand, which was tempting many people passing by to stop and smell some of the tiny bottles or to pick a right scent for themselves.  


I need to admit, I was fully mesmerised by the amazing smells.  I was presented several of them by a young guy from the team, who has shared with me some of their basic uses. My interest grew, I wanted to know more and definitely try them out to see if they really work. 

Just after I got to use the oils, I immediately felt their power unfolding. So I’ve started using them as a scent, to cleanse my body out of toxins by putting a drop of the lemon oil into my water bottle, I’ve also used them at my household to do my laundry and to clean the surfaces. 

Each month I was discovering more oils as well as more ways to support my emotional and physical health. 

I immediately started using them as a way to relieve stress, ensure right hormone balance, support the respiratory system, improve immunity and to boost my mood. I love to work with aromatherapy to create desired atmosphere during my yoga classes as well as when working One on One with my clients and students. 

I’ve also started to work with the oils topically to support my skin condition. I’ve applied some of them diluted with the pure coconut or jojoba oil and was amazed by the way they made me glow without effort. 


I was with time exploring more and more and incorporating them into my daily self massage routine to support the muscle and joint function, to clean wounds and reinforce healing. I was also able to significantly reduce inflammation in my knee joint and reduce muscle and fascia tension in the entire body.


There’s truly infinite number of ways You as well can support Yourself and Your loved once with doTERRA. 

At this point I’m truly convinced, these oils do their work and You can benefit from their magic as well.  If you’re interested to try some of the oils or have any questions related to their usage, feel free to wright me a message at,  I’d be happy to answer any of your questions. 

There’s also few more important reasons why I’ve chosen to work with doTERRA. 

Firstly, what was important for me was, whether the oils I use are pure and safe, and doTERRA met my expectations, as it ensures maximal purity and responsible sourcing. All oils are going through rigorous tests in house and then by a third party. All of the doTERRA oils are labelled as CPTG.  

Certified Pure Tested Grade. Doterra uses only high quality plants to create a high quality product, doterra also supports local and organic farmers and producers, generating jobs and providing long term contracts, allowing the workers to be paid on time. 

Doterra always wanted to be a giver and so they support community development projects including founding and building of schools, health clinics, clean water systems.They support disaster relief, feminine hygiene education and many more initiatives which make a world a better place. 

doTERRA is 100% Natural and as a Company, one of great Spirit and therefore I’m honoured to be a part of this Family. 


How to sign up for doTERRA

𓆹 Use my link to enter the doTERRA website

𓆹 Click on “Join & Save”

Please note, that If you click “Shop“ you will be able to purchase the products for the retail price without the 25% discount 

𓆹 Click “Join doTERRA”

You can read through both of the options, Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate. Then, scroll to the bottom and click on “Join doTERRA”.

𓆹 Choose your Country & Language

𓆹 Choose the desired doTERRA Membership

If you’re new to the essential oils world and want to try the products first, I would recommend you to choose the option Wholesale Customer, this way you’ll ensure yourself access to the best deals.

𓆹 Enter your Information Details

𓆹 Choose Enrollment Kit

I would recommend you to start with 𓇠 HOME ESSENTIALS KIT 𓇠, with this option, you can cover all basic needs in Your household, take care of your own health instead of going to the pharmacy and create a clean and safe environment at your home. 

If you’re looking for products which address the emotional balance, the 𓇠 AROMATOUCH DIFFUSED KIT 𓇠 is going to be the right choice for You. 

Both of the Kits include a Diffusor and dōTERRA Essentials Booklet, which will allow you gain the most benefits, the oils offer. 

𓆹 Enter payment information

𓆹 Congratulations 🥳

You’re set up and ready to start the exciting Journey with doTERRA 

I’m happy for You, this oils will change your life. 

If you’d like to get more information about the oils, or have any other query regarding the doTERRA Essential Oils, please feel free to write me an email at


With Love



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