Manipura Chakra 


First two chakras: Difference, passions, choice, emotions, desire. 

We’ve expanded from mere surviving instincts toward the desire for pleasure and merging with another. The first two chakras are connected to a downward flow, while manipura  has the energy which is pulling upwards. 


The third chakra is about creating a new kind of awareness, moving away from the energy of the lower chakras and infusing them with a spark of light & action in order to move upward, to the level of the higher chakras. 

This chakra is about creating a power, moving towards which nourishes and inspires and away from all that, which is depleting you of your vital spark and mental focus. 

It’s about using your own energy in the most efficient way, collecting all that, which surrounds you and making it into food.  


Main function 

Third chakra purpose: 

 It’s purpose is Transformation - just as fire transforms matter to heat and light

Manipuri transforms the passive elements of earth and water into dynamic energy and fire.


Fire moves upward - takes a raw energy of matter into heat and light - providing a new dimension 

It’s about burning off and removing any form of stagnation and releasing the blocked energy. 

First step - breaking old patterns 

It’s about connecting to your true Will and becoming clear of your own life’s purpose, taking a full control & responsibility of your energy and using it in the most efficient way. 


If you attune your  own willpower towards something greater and infuse it with Love, whichever you’ve been focusing on, will manifest and show in the material reality. 

The main task is to overcome inertia and stagnation, being a part of the lower chakras. 

The action of the inner spark is a motivation and invitation to finally be able to act as an Individual, consciously make your own decisions and mistakes, knowing it is a part of a  immense learning process. 


Manipura is located at the solar plexus, it’s a part of a vertebra behind the stomach. It radiates seven centimetres above and below the navel. 

Ruling Element

The element, that is associated is Agni, the fire. 



The purpose of the third chakra is Transformation - just as fire transforms matter to heat and light, Manipuri transforms the passive elements of earth and water into dynamic energy and fire 🔥. 


Fire moves upward, it takes a raw energy of matter and transmutes it into heat and light, providing a new dimension. First step is to break old patterns and to overcome inertia. 

A mark of a true power is to produce energy easily, with as little effort and will, as possible, 

welcoming ease and grace into every action. 


Fire is the transforming influence which can destroy form and release energy. 

Fire is a combustion of matter into energy. 

Power of life, vitality, connection. 

Manipura chakra is very radiant, Yang and Active 



In Sanskrit ‘Mani’ means jewel and ‘Pura’ a dwelling place. So the full translation is a city of jewels. 

Fire is a spark of light that ignites will into action ‘Rha’

Fire is the Spark between Shiva and Shakti - power that lies between polarities. 

Pay attention to Self Love, if you are Not loving yourself, denying yourself access to space in which you could breath easily, explore and make your own mistakes,  then you will lack the air for your inner fire to burn. 


TRUE WILL requires deep communication with the self , trust in your own volition, as well as willingness to take risk and accept responsibility. 

Practice your will by telling your truth and soon you will notice, that a stronger sens of Self is being born. True Will as an expression of the higher - Devine Will and so our will needs to be fixed to a larger purpose.



According to Anodea Judith, this chakra develops between 18months and the 3 years of age. 

Predominant Color 

The predominant color of Manipura is yellow, associated with wisdom and intellect. 


Ruling Planet 

The associated planet to Manipura is the Sun, an expression of the individual Self. 


Associated Gland

The associated gland is pancreas. 


Associated Organs

The organs connected: the upper abdomen, skin, digestive system, breath, middle spine, small intestines, some parts od kidneys and adrenals .


Predominant Sense and Sense Organ 

Sight, Vision & Eyes 



The symbol of the Manipura Chakra is a 10 petaled  shining lotus flower with a downward facing triangle within a circle. 


The Ruling God/ Goddess 

The ruling goddess is Lakini Shakti by the name of Kali, hindu deity associated with empowerment and death.


Bija Mantra 



Signs of Deficiency and Excess within the third Chakra 

Deficiency on the level of the Manipura Chakra shows as depression, jealousy, digestive issues, confusion and mistrust. 


The excess of Agni will be visible as tendency towards being judgemental, working hard, perfectionism, rationalism, emotional coldness. 

Balance within the third chakra

When the third chakra is well balanced a person is easy-going, spontaneous, has a great sense of self esteem, is cheerful, kind, loves good company and food. 



Phalakasana (Plank), Shishulasana (Dolphin), Bakasana (Crow, arm balance), Lolasana (Pendant Pose, arm balance), Tittibhasana (Firefly pose is an arm-balancing asana), Dhanurasana (Wheel), Urdva Dhanurasana (Full Wheel), Parivrtta Trikonasana (Twisted Triangle)



I am deeply connected to my inner strength and power. 

My will is a pure expression of the Divine Power within me. 

I love my life and I am curious to experience it’s different facets. 


Essential Oils

Lemongrass , Maleluca, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Lavender, Heilchrysum 



Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Golden Topaz, Pyrite, Aragonite