Vishudda Chakra 


The best way to understand the meaning of Vishuddi is to bring on a great story from 

the Indian mythology, the one telling about Lord Vishnu ‘churning of the ocean of milk’. 


Lord Vishnu was the one, who aimed to resolve the battle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ by stirring the ocean. And what came out was a nectar of immortality (Amrita) and a poison. 


The gods were first to drink the nectar, but no-one was willing to drink the poison, therefore the fierceful Lord Shiva offered himself to take a selfless action, has neutralised the venom and immediately turned bleu. Thus he started to be called Nilakatha, ’the blue throated - one’. 


He used his Throat as a vessel and a tool to purify the toxic mixture and all poisoned elements of life. 


Vishuddi is a place containing Amrita, the nectar of the gods, which drips down from the bindu chakra, located in the front of the head whenever we start being creative, are willing to fully express ourselves without limiting. 


Vishudi helps to transform all kind of negative energies and turn them into something new, fresh and pure. Once we activate this center fully it will help us a big deal to live and speak our truth from the depth of our heart and to fully express ourselves. And Be an embodiment of clear communication as the lord Vishnu. 

Main function 

Vishuddi stands for clear communication and creative self expression, it also means the ability to speak our own truth. 



Vishuddi is aligned with the shusumna nadi and is located at the base of the throat. The activation takes place in the middle part of the throat. Secondary locations are neck and the shoulders. 


Ruling Element

Gross Element

Akash - ether, colourless, tasteless, formless and without touch. 


Subtle Element

Vibration and sound in smoky purple 



The Vishudda Chakra, means ‘purification’, purification within oneself’ is its deeper meaning.


According to Anodea Judith the activation happens between 8 and 12 years of age. 

According to Cyndi Dale the activation happens between 6,5 and 8 years of age. 


Predominant Color 

The color of this chakra is a cerulean blue or sky - blue.  


Ruling Planet 

The ruling planet is Mercury, associated with mental skills and learning. 


Associated Gland

The gland that is connected to Vishuddi is thyroid and parathyroid.  


Predominant Sense and Sense Organ 

The predominant sense is hearing and the sense organ are ears.


The action organ is the mouth. 


Body Parts Governed

Ears, neck, mouth, teeth, jaw, vocal cords, cervical vertebrae and upper shoulders. 


Vital Breath 




The crescent symbol of nada - the lunar symbol of ‘the purest cosmic sound’ sits within a white full moon and is surrounded by a sky blue downward pointing triangle within sixteen petaled lotus flower. Nada is a representation of the purification experienced by a yogi whose energy moves up through all the chakras. Within the white moon there is a purely white elephant and over it there is a bija mantra ‘Ham’. The four - armed god Ambhara is seated on his elephant and he is the ruler of the secret sound.  


The crescent is the representation of clairvoyance and the psychic energies as well as the communication beyond words. The power of the inner Shakti activates those abilities and turns the elements ruled by the lower chakras into ether, akasha. 


The ruling Goddess 

The goddess who rules Vishuddi is by the name of Shakini. She is five - faced, three eyed and four armed goddess seated on a red lotus. In her hands, she holds noose, goad, a book and arrow. She is the representation of the higher knowledge and the siddhi and possesses a full control over the five elements. 

The ruling God

The god ruling Vishuddhi is Sadhasiva by the name Ardharaishvara, seated above the bindu. The right side of his body takes form of a white god Shiva, while the left side is formed by a golden Goddess Shakti. In fhis form, he incorporates the two aspects, the feminine and the masculine  side and encourages us all to combine both. He is ten armed, five - faced and three eyed, holding a goad, noose, an ax, a short, a trident, fire, thunderbolt, a snake and a bell. He is the One dissolving fear. 


Bija Mantra 



Signs of The Fifth Chakra being Underactive

Fear of expression, suppressed emotions, weak voice, difficulty with holding the right pace. 


Signs of The Fifth Chakra being Overactive

Tendency to gossiping and  talking too much with a loud, dominating voice, often interrupting. 


Signs Of Well Balanced fifth Chakra

A person with a balanced Vishuddhi can communicate easily on a high level, speaks clearly with confidence and has well established ability as a listener, speaks rhythmically, also using freely the body language, so that the way the person communicates is coherent and smooth. 



Khechari mudra known as tongue lock or tong swallowing technique 

The Khechari mudra is opening the practitioner to receive the nectar (as named in the Vedas, it has helped Yogis to stay alive for forty days while being buried) dropping down from bindu into the Vishuddi chakra. 


This mudra is performed by rolling and sliding the tongue towards the soft palette of the mouth towards the nasal passages. The practitioner produces a snoring sound breathing in  from the back of the throat and then exhales. After becoming comfortable with the breathing technique, the breath can be reduced to five or six per minute. 

If needed the practitioner can release the mudra for a moment and then return to the previous position. Once the saliva becomes bitter, it is a sign that poison collets in the mouth and the practitioner should release the mudra immediately. 


Most important benefits:

  • Stimulates pressure points in the back side of the mouth increasing production of many hormones and saliva 

  • Has a calming effect 

  • Can reduce feeling of hunger and thirst 



There is no Granthi associated with Vishuddhi. 


Additional information 


The Vishuddhi chakra once activated offers the practitioner access to supernatural powers, called siddhi. At this stage the yogi bestowes knowledge of four Vedas, he also becomes insights of the present, future and the past *trikala - jnani. Other gifts are freedom from hunger and thirst, superhearing, clairaudience, levitation, hypnotic skills, ability to travel through space, mastering the five senses and the connected elements. 


Secondary Chakras 

Lalana chakra is located at the talu, at the palate, therefore it is also known as talu chakra. The female energy, kundalini passes through this secret energy center on its way towards the sixth chakra, Ajna. 



Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported shoulder stand), Halasana, (Plau), Makarasana (Fish pose), Ustrasana (Camel pose), Setu Bandhasana (Bridge), Urdva Dhanurasana (Full Wheel), Cat/ Cow 



I allow myself to speak clearly. 

I allow myself to speak my own truth. 

I give myself permission to speak with ease and grace. 


Essential Oils

Lavender, Oregano, Peppermint, Blue Chamomile, Blue Cypress, Yarrow 



Turquoise, Sapphire, Aquamarine