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I just took Dora's awesome class, my favorite part is the feminine energy and the new movements that I have learned and also focusing on  areas of tension and being able to get loose and connecting my inner being with my physical being. Yeah, I’ve loved it, thank you Dora. 


Page from California

Doras classes are an amazing experience, as she connects the physical part with an energy work and amends it with a spiritual talk. She teaches and educates in terms of what she shares,  explaining how the energy flows. All that gives an extra layer to the practice and provides a very different feeling to what you normally expect from a yoga class. I can sense her positive energy a lot. Dora is an amazing teacher, an inspiration. Thank you. 


Eleonora from Moscow

I took Dora's yoga morning class at Blue Karma. The studio is magic and her approach is more than a simple yoga class, it's a healing. I was 7 months pregnant and she was really careful but made me work at the same time. And being pregnant, you need to stretch more than ever! For me, it was the beginning of a healing and transformative process I was reaching for coming to Bali. She is a very thoughtful and open hearted teacher. I highly recommend her yoga class! ♡


Sixtine from Paris


I had private yoga sessions with Dora during my retreat in Bali and I immediately fell in love with her yoga practice. The session started with a grounding and a deep connection to the body and soul. She taught me to fully embrace my femininity and allow myself to express it in different movements and poses which I had never been touched before and which gave me the feeling of being a true goddess !♡ I also had the chance to discover the world of Ayurveda with Dora through a healing session, cooking class and a private consultation. This opened a door to a new healthy and peaceful world for me. She is extremely knowledgeable in terms of Yoga and Ayurveda and very creative in her kitchen. 


Emilie from Geneva 


Love ∞ Light ☽  Dora Wanda